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Gates Millennium Scholars
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Washington, DC 20001
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What are some strategies to successfully complete scholarship applications? 
If a person is applying for their permanent residence or U.S. Citizenship, are they eligible to apply for the Gates Millennium Scholars scholarship? 
How do educators choose which students to nominate? 
Can community organization representatives serve as a Recommender? 
What is the difference between a recommender and a nominator? Can students have the same person act as a recommender and nominator? 
What are the requirements for the American Indian/Alaska Native designation for Gates Scholar applicants? 
Who do I contact if my permanent address on the GMS application has changed since I submitted my application? 
Will all applicants be notified whether selected or not? 
Can nomination packets be faxed? 
If a student received a GED diploma, is he/she eligible to apply? 
How will I know if I’m Pell Grant Eligible?  
What are the eligibility criteria for the GMS Program?  
What is the GMS Application Process? 
Who qualifies as a Nominator? 
Who qualifies as a Recommender? 
What is the deadline for submission of the application materials? 
Can I send the materials by a next day delivery service with a signature required for delivery? 
How is a Scholar selected? 
What ethnic groups comprise Asian Pacific Islander Americans? 
How is a GMS award determined? 
Whom may I contact if I have further questions? 
Can I access and complete the online forms using an Apple (Macintosh) computer? 
Are there any restrictions on the field of study for undergraduates? 
I can’t find my school listed in the drop down menu of the application? 
Can I send additional documents along with the GMS application?  
In what year should a student apply for the GMS scholarship? 
How can I check to see if my application has been successfully submitted?  
Do all forms have to be submitted together? 
What is the Registration ID?  
I currently don’t have a 3.3. Should I apply for the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) scholarship? 
Can I use the GMS scholarship at any college or university? 
What is the amount of the scholarship? 
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