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Avada includes a blog shortcode you can use anywhere on the site!

This blog shortcode was submitted by Markus, one of our Avada users and now on our developing team! It just goes to show what an awesome community we have, everyone is willing to help & share ideas. Dont wait, be a part of the Avada community today!

Ngoc-Tran Vu

Ngoc-Tran Vu identifies as a 1.5-generation Vietnamese American transnational and multimedia artist, organizer, and healer. She was born in Sài Gòn, Việt Nam and grew up in Boston. Tran received her MA in Arts and [...]

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Alumni Perspective: Aarón Villarreal on “Being an Inaugural Scholar”

Alumni Perspective: Aarón Villarreal on "Being an Inaugural Scholar" Being a Gates Millennium Scholar has afforded me numerous opportunities.  I am currently completing my third year of doctoral studies, and am concurrently writing my dissertation.  [...]

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