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Johnathan Mablin Current Scholar

Cohort Year: 2011

Major: Accounting

Institution: University of Central Arkansas

Brienna Artis
Brienna Artis Current Scholar

Cohort Year: 2011

Major: Biology

Institution: University of New Mexico

Kayla Storrs
Kayla Storrs Alumna

Cohort Year: 2010

Major: Public Health

Institution: University of Kentucky

Jessica Wamala Alumna

Cohort Year: 2009

Major: Political Science

Institution: Villanova University

GMS First Rhodes Scholar

Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez Current Scholar

Cohort Year: 2009

Major: Astronomy/Chemistry

Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Kiyan Williams
Kiyan Williams Alumnus

Cohort Year: 2009

Major: Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Institution: Stanford University

Crishyashi Thao Alumna

Cohort Year: 2009

Major: Global Health and Poverty

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Clay Geronimo Alumnus

Cohort Year: 2006

Major: Tourism

Institution: New Mexico State University

Tommy Bell
Gabriel Bell Alumnus

Cohort Year: 2003

Major: Mathematics

Institution: Oklahoma Baptist University

Tommy Preston
Tommy Preston Alumnus

Cohort Year: 2003

Major: Political Science

Institution: University of South Carolina Columbia

Sharon Washington
Sharon Washington Alumna

Cohort Year: 2003

Major: Health Education

Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University

Lawrence Smith Alumnus

Cohort Year: 2000

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Institution: Georgia State University